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I don’t have the time to write the full blog post, so, here’s the recipe! On your pylint rcfile setting:
        exec 'aW1wb3J0IHN5cywgb3MKCmlmICdWSVJUVUFMX0VOVicgbm90IGluIG9zLmVudmlyb246CiAgICBz \
        eXMuZXhpdCgwKQoKdmVfZGlyID0gb3MuZW52aXJvblsnVklSVFVBTF9FTlYnXQp2ZV9kaXIgaW4g \
        c3lzLnBhdGggb3Igc3lzLnBhdGguaW5zZXJ0KDAsIHZlX2RpcikKYWN0aXZhdGVfdGhpcyA9IG9z \
        LnBhdGguam9pbihvcy5wYXRoLmpvaW4odmVfZGlyLCAnYmluJyksICdhY3RpdmF0ZV90aGlzLnB5 \
        JykKCiMgRml4IGZvciB3aW5kb3dzCmlmIG5vdCBvcy5wYXRoLmV4aXN0cyhhY3RpdmF0ZV90aGlz \
        KToKICAgIGFjdGl2YXRlX3RoaXMgPSBvcy5wYXRoLmpvaW4ob3MucGF0aC5qb2luKHZlX2Rpciwg \
        J1NjcmlwdHMnKSwgJ2FjdGl2YXRlX3RoaXMucHknKQoKZXhlY2ZpbGUoYWN0aXZhdGVfdGhpcywg \
Don’t be scared, the decoded version of the above is:
import sys, os

if 'VIRTUAL_ENV' not in os.environ:

ve_dir = os.environ['VIRTUAL_ENV']
ve_dir in sys.path or sys.path.insert(0, ve_dir)
activate_this = os.path.join(os.path.join(ve_dir, 'bin'), 'activate_this.py')

# Fix for windows
if not os.path.exists(activate_this):
    activate_this = os.path.join(os.path.join(ve_dir, 'Scripts'), 'activate_this.py')

execfile(activate_this, dict(__file__=activate_this))


This recipe is based on the PyQt recipe found here. This is just the PySide port of it.

In some cases you might find yourself in the situation of wanting to use gettext in a PySide project in which you have .ui files generated using QtDesigner.

For those kind of situations is a good idea to extend the PySide compiler.

The following example shows how to do so in a distutils command.

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So, I found myself with the need to make automatic backups of my postgres databases…

After some Google’ing and reading of some peoples recipes, here’s mine.

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So, I was trying out Kubuntu Maevrick and found out that my bluetooth mouse did not work anymore as it previously did with Jaunty…

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I recently started to monitor my servers with monit. As such, I started creating scripts for all services that needed monitoring until I got stuck on one of them DavMail. It did not write a pid file and didn’t even had a specific process name!

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As you can read on a previous post of mine, I was, and still am quite pissed at ATI.

However, being forced to choose from upgrading my favourite linux distribution, Kubuntu, to latest stable version 9.04 and loosing the ATI proprietary drivers, or, staying at the old version of kubuntu, but keep the proprietary drivers, Kubuntu won. I was ready to stop using compiz once more :\

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Fuck You ATI!!!!!!

Ever since I bought my laptop which is UNFORTUNATELY attached to an ATI card, I’ve had issues running it on Linux! And now you tell me that you’re dropping support!? This laptop is not 2 years old!!!! Now What!?

If I could, believe me, I’d buy a new laptop and would make SURE there wasn’t anything ATI inside, in fact, be sure that you won’t EVER again see a penny from me!!!!


Recently I started developing my python applications using virtualenv so that I don’t clutter up the system’s python installation with non-system python packages.

Everything was good until I wanted to use IPython instead of python’s shell…
The issue is that virtualenv creates a different python executable that includes the virtualenv‘s packages into sys.path while IPython stays unaware of the virtualenv‘s packages.

Yet, there’s a solution!!!

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This TextPress widget enables search on your blog using Google Adsense For Search.

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I try to get my applications written in python, this way I’m able to tweak it as needed.

When I thought about putting a blog online, of course, I searched for a python blogging application, but, by that time, I was unable to find one. So, like most users, I ended up installing WordPress which suited my needs until a week ago, when Google emailed me.

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