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Irssi Notifier has just gone GUI with the 0.2.0RC1 release.

This is a release candidate to enable users to provide feedback on possible bugs found so that they’re fixed on the 0.2.0 release due on 01-Sep-2007.

Main changes from 0.1.1 are:

  • Brand new GUI to tweak settings and preferences that docks on the system-tray.
  • Support for ACTION type messages.
  • Added support for a fallback charset in case UTF-8 is not used (Thanks David Durrleman).
  • Application is now translatable and translated to English(of course) and Portuguese.
  • Added Support for bitlbee (Thanks David Durrleman).

For detailed info on all changes please see the ChangeLog.

If you’d like to provide a translation in your language, please, drop me an email or file a ticket, stating what’s the language and locale you’d like to provide the translation for, and I’ll gladly provide you a file for translation which will be included in the next release.

For any bugs you find, please file a ticket with all info you can gather so it can be fixed.

Happy use of Irssi Notitifier.


Irssi Notifier now has a development site where you can ask for new features, submit bugs or keep update with it’s development.

Fell free to visit Irssi Notifier Development Site.

Next version will also support localization and already includes English(of course) and Portuguese translations. Check the Irssi Notifier Development Site to submit a new translation.