TextPress Google Adsense For Search Widget

This TextPress widget enables search on your blog using Google Adsense For Search

First, you should go to your Google Adsense account and create the code for Adsense for Search. You must choose to display the results on your own site.

Here are some warnings displayed by the plugin configuration ...

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Wordpress Is Gone For Good

I try to get my applications written in python, this way I’m able to tweak it as needed.

When I thought about putting a blog online, of course, I searched for a python blogging application, but, by that time, I was unable to find one. So, like most users ...

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TextPress ImageBox Plugin

TextPress jQuery ImgBox plugin support.


<span class="imagebox">
  <a href="/_uploads/my_image1.png">
    <img src="/_uploads/my_image1.thumbnail.png"/>
  <a href="/_uploads/my_image2.png">
    <img src="/_uploads/my_image2.thumbnail.png"/>

The needed step is to wrap your series ...

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Webhelpers and Javascript Minification

Here’s a practical idea which I have in use in a project of mine.

Most of you probably use some javascript library or have some javascript files that you use in your pylons application.

There’s also some talk going on related to javascript files compression, and more recently, minification.

While I’m developing, I like to use the normal(non compressed) javascript files, because it helps on debugging. But for production, using compressed javascript files reduces page load times.

Pylons Webhelpers comes with a useful function to help you include javascript files on your templates, javascript_include_tag.

The idea I had was at first, make that function provide the minified version of the JS file if we’re not running our application in debug mode. If we are on debug mode, server the normal file.

So, I added a minified option to that function above, which does just that.

After a while, I wanted to know how I could minify my own javascript files, and I found out about JSMin. There’s also a python version of it.

That’s when I also thought, hell, I could minify my own javascript files upon request, and even cache that so the routine only runs once.

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My First Blog

Welcome to my first blog online.

I’ve created this blog because of my python (and not only) code developments. Some of the projects I code are too small to have a full development site, so, I’ve decided to create a blog to post those small projects and get ...

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