Rotating Trac Logs

So, you’re like me and like to have trac constantly logging to file and you hate those files getting huge?

It is assumed that you keep all your trac environments on the same base directory, for example /var/lib/trac/

Here’s a simple logrotate config file(normaly under ...

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ZTE MF622 USB Modem Under Linux

I recently bought a 3G wireless card to use with my laptop, a ZTE, model MF622. Since the first time I tried Linux, also the first time I encountered this kind of problems with my USB ADSL modem, and this being an USB modem also, I knew I was going to have troubles.

At first I tried USB ModeSwitch which has experimental support for ZTE’s MF620 model with no luck. I then followed the instructions on the site to snoop the usb communication under M$ Win to get the messages being sent to the device so I could mimic that under Linux. Still, no luck.

I then tried to code a python script which used the libusb so that I could make the device switch to the modem configuration. Still, no luck.

I spent a lot of time on this subject and then one time I removed the usb_storage module while HAL was waiting for the device to settle down and guess what!? After a few seconds, the device changed itself to the modem configuration. All I needed now was to automate this procedure.

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