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This recipe is based on the PyQt recipe found here. This is just the PySide port of it.

In some cases you might find yourself in the situation of wanting to use gettext in a PySide project in which you have .ui files generated using QtDesigner.

For those kind of situations is a good idea to extend the PySide compiler.

The following example shows how to do so in a distutils command.

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Well, first a little intro.

My coding journey started around 2006, first by changing/contributing to some bash scripts, namely Autolearn Spam/Ham qmail script and then to IPKungFu, a firewall script, also adding autoconf support to it.

By then I started to notice that I needed to revision control my changes to those scripts, which brought me to the wonderful tool called Trac.

Once I started deploying my Trac environments, I started wanting to get more out of that already great tool, but, that required one to know Python, a programing language to which until today, I’m proud to code with. It’s not that huge of an accomplishment, but I’ve never had a single class about programming, all I’ve learned was by reading books, trying, failing, trying again, and with the help of great people that took their time to explain some neat stuff to a programing ignorant.
To ALL of those people, a big THANK YOU!

Now, the actual list of project’s I remember starting, contributing or which ended up dying :)
Projects I’ve founded are marked with stars (‘*’), others are project I joined. Projects where I helped out for a short period of time are marked with a dagger (‘†’).

Live Projects

These are projects which are still well alive although sometimes, time is scarce to keep coding for them all.

Waiting Projects

These projects are waiting to either I get time or interest again for them.

Stopped Projects

These are projects which are not dead, I simply stopped contributing to them or lost interest in them.

Dead Projects

By dead projects I mean project that I haven’t touched in quite a while, nor I intend to touch again, or, they’re actually dead. That does not mean that there ain’t an insane person using them :)


Of course, you might find other projects which I contributed to but I can’t remember.
If you want to take the time, look here and here for them :)

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